Fred Nold  Biography

Fred Nold’s work is displayed in numerous private collections, museums and galleries throughout the US and Europe. His paintings come alive with a whimsical vibrancy reflecting his view on life.

After graduating from Parson’s School of Design and New York University with a BFA in Fine Art, Fred further honed his style with the surrounds of the Hudson River.

While in New York he hosted the “State of the Art” television show, a series dedicated to supporting artists and their endeavors. In a review by the New York Sunday Times, by William Zimmer, it was stated, “Mr. Nolds, van Gogh-like short brushstrokes signal emotion”.

As a Florida and New Hampshire resident, Fred has brought that energy, vitality and emotion to life with his interpretations of Florida and New England. Fred’s brush strokes are both bold in color and flair, yet gently evoke the true ambiance of his subjects.