Citrine Bracelet


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AAA Citrine Bracelet with Sterling Silver Accent
Available in 6.5, 7, 7.5, or 73/4 inches

Citrine is one of the few crystals that never needs to be cleaned or cleared. It absorbs and grounds negative energy and is extremely protective for the environment. Citrine is one of the stones of abundance… It will teach you how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success, and all good things! This is a happy and generous stone. It has the power to bring joy to all that behold it.

Citrine raises self esteem and self confidence, it also helps remove destructive tendencies. It helps you to feel less sensitive, especially to criticism, improves motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self expression.  It will also help you to go with the flow and develop a positive attitude. Citrine will assist in the process of letting go of the past. This Crystal is just a total ROCK STAR.

Stones are all natural material and may vary slightly in color, size and shape from the image shown.

All bracelets are made to order and are cleared and infused with Reiki energy before being sent out.

Bracelets are not eligable for return or exchange.

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