Montana Agate


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AAA Montana Agate with Sterling Silver Accent
Available in 6.5, 7, 7.5, 73/4 or 8 inches.
Montana Agate can protect you from danger, harm, and any other kind of physical threat. It can also help in the treatment of insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It’s an excellent stone that you can use during pregnancy. It can help new moms avoid suffering from the baby blues. It can also help in easing the pains during and after childbirth. This stone is also known to increase lactation in breastfeeding women.


Montana Agate is said to help you manifest and increase money and material possessions and bring about more abundant and prosperous rewards.

This stone may help ground your energies and help you focus on the work that you need to do and increase your concentration so that you will not be easily distracted.

Stones are all natural material and may vary slightly in color, size and shape from the image shown.

All bracelets are made to order and are cleared and  Reiki charged  before being sent out.

Bracelets are not eligable for return or exchange.

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